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Mechanical Design, 3D Modeling and Simulations

The mechanical dept. of Signo Motus performs design activities assisted by Autodesk© state of the art 3D parametric modelling software and structural/ thermal simulation tools based on Finite Element Methods.

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Robotics and Automations

Signo Motus provides complete controls engineering and system integration, including design, programming, sub-systems assembly, testing and validation of robotics systems prototypes (main focussed on assistive technology solutions).
The Company acts also as distributor of Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots and automation systems (www.motoman.com).

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ICT Services and software solutions

The ICT dept. of Signo Motus provides complete ICT solutions and services to end-users, managing the whole development process (requirements analysis, system technical specifications, design, development, testing, deliver, support and assistance). A relevant expertise has been acquired in the eHealth domain.
The Company acts as exclusive Italian distributor of Pixel Technology s.c. RIS/PACS and teleradiology software solutions (www.pixel.com.pl).

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Systems for Telemedicine and Home-Care

The Habilis Platform (www.habiliseurope.eu) is a web based software system that allows patients to exercise outside the hospital environment, expanding the time of rehabilitation and guaranteeing better recovery and higher quality of life.

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Italian Research

“Exoskeleton to improve the load capabilities of the operator.”
Period: 2007 - 2010
Programme: Italian Ministry of Defence – National Research Project (PRN 266)
Coordinator: Scuola Superiore S. Anna di Pisa (Lab. PERCRO)
Sub-contractor: Signo Motus


Research & Development


Clear Project


Clear Project: Final results

CLEAR: the largest study on tele-rehabilitation ever in Europe, presents its final results. It demonstrates that tele-rehabilitation is feasible, safe and efficacious being beneficial to patients affected by different diseases.

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Adhere Project

Smart Materials

ADHERE Project (Italian National Plan of Military Research)

“Development of Electro Rheological Fluids suitable for the design and implementation of innovative electromechanical joints for vehicular applications.”

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Richard Project

e-Health Policies

RICHARD Project (FP7 Capacities – Region of Knowledge)

“Innovative health care models ICT based for the management of chronic conditions.”

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Research areas for BS/MS/PhD Thesis