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H-CAD Home care Activity Desk deals with the design and development of a system capable to enable a patient affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Stroke, or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) to perform the rehabilitation treatment at home.

The new ’old generation’ is facing drastic changes in the way of living and communication among people. The last decades will be certainly remembered as a period in which information technology has opened new horizons easily interconnecting people in different countries. Today and certainly tomorrow elderly people will be better accustomed in the use of computers and interfaces which, in turn, will help them in acquiring and exchanging information from many sources from a home environment. In the field of neurological rehabilitation, a foreseeable future will see the birth of new technological devices that can help people with disabilities to improve their quality of life from the perspective of communication with user groups and health care centres.

Please note that despite clinical contents come from published references and peered reviewed documents, the information provided should not be taken as medical advice. Each individual with MS, Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury should consult his/her neurologist or family physician for advice regarding diagnosis, symptoms and treatment. Sources can be given on request by contacting the web master at the given address.

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