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Italian Research (December 2010 / June 2013)

“Advanced Development Held by Electro-Rheological Effect”
Programme: National Plan of Military Research (P.N.R.M.) - co-funded by Direzione Generale Armamenti Terrestri (Italian Ministry of Defence)
Coordinator: Signo Motus
Sub-contractor: DCIIM-UNIME (Department of Industrial Chemistry and Materials Engineering - University of Messina) IPCF-CNR Messina (Istituto per I Processi Chimico Fisici - National Research Council)
Costs: € 1.494.554

Research News

Adhere Project

Smart Materials

ADHERE Project (Italian National Plan of Military Research)

“Development of Electro Rheological Fluids suitable for the design and implementation of innovative electromechanical joints for vehicular applications.”

Richard Project

e-Health Policies

RICHARD Project (FP7 Capacities – Region of Knowledge)

“Innovative health care models ICT based for the management of chronic conditions.”

Habilis Platform


Habilis Platform

“Web based software platform allowing patients to carry out efficiently and safely the rehabilitative treatment either at home or at point of their needs, under the supervision of the clinical team.”

Research areas for BS/MS/PhD Thesis