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Signo Motus offers technological services and turn-key solutions according to customers technical specifications in the following domains:

Mechanical Design, 3D Modeling and Simulations


The mechanical department of Signo Motus consists of a design unit and a prototyping unit. In the design unit the activities are assisted by modern 3D parametric modeling software that simplify and improve the design process. The 3D parametric modeling software enable the creation of a detailed virtual model of the mechanical assembly: the functionality and the design anomalies are easily identified and resolved in the virtual model before the construction of the real prototype.

The use of software modules based on the Finite Element Method (FEM) allows to simulate the behaviour of the mechanical structures subjected to design workloads.

Thermal simulations on parts and assemblies made of different materials and subject to time-varying heat loads are performed as well using the FEM tool.

Custom software application for specific internal use, such as kinematics simulation can be developed.


The mechanical design process ends with the production of drawings. If variation design are needed by the customer, the Signo Motus’s designers will work only on the 3D virtual model and the drawings will be updated dynamically: the design iteration process is significantly speeded and improved.

The prototype of the virtual design is set up by standard machining tools. Metal alloys and non-metal materials are use for prototype reasons. Accurate tools for assembly and precision measuring instruments for testing activities allow precision assembly.

Robotics and Automations

Our team of researchers, engineers and technicians is knowledgeable, experienced, and ready to offer innovative ideas and solutions to assist our customers from the functional specification definition to the prototype testing and validation.

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Signo Motus provides complete controls engineering and system integration, including design, documentation, programming, sub-systems assembly, testing and validation of robotics systems prototypes. Signo Motus laboratories are equipped with state of the art design, analysis, and control system development software tools that enable us to adequately turn an idea in a pre-commercial solution. The typical engineering services provided include mechanical and electrical system analysis, design, drawings & diagrams production, technical specifications definition related to electromechanical system and subsystems, control system and software design and implementation. Our engineers and technicians have extensive experience designing systems for robotics, automation and control domains, particularly in medical robotics, measurement systems, sensors and data acquisition systems.

ICT Services and software solutions


Starting form the analysis of customer’s requirements our team is able to deliver complete ICT solutions and services to end-users. The whole development process (requirements analysis, system specifications, design, development, testing and deliver) is managed in compliance with the most valuable international standards (ISO 27000 series, ISO 13485, ISO/IEC 62304, ISO 14791).

Our team is committed to provide high quality and effective solutions grounded on the edge of the state-of-the-art of the technology such us: Java, MySQL, SOA, Linux.

Research News

Adhere Project

Smart Materials

ADHERE Project (Italian National Plan of Military Research)

“Development of Electro Rheological Fluids suitable for the design and implementation of innovative electromechanical joints for vehicular applications.”

Richard Project

e-Health Policies

RICHARD Project (FP7 Capacities – Region of Knowledge)

“Innovative health care models ICT based for the management of chronic conditions.”

Habilis Platform


Habilis Platform

“Web based software platform allowing patients to carry out efficiently and safely the rehabilitative treatment either at home or at point of their needs, under the supervision of the clinical team.”

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