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Server Unit

The server unit is the hospital apparatus. It is a PC based device equipped with a management software capable to perform the analysis of the results for each patient. Security features, password based are implemented in order to allow doctors to have a restrict access to their patients. The implementation of this functionality is strictly related to the proprietary Computerised Patient Records (CPR) in use in the clinical centres and it must be provided on a single case basis. The increasing demand for a distribute Electronic Health Record of the patient accessible to any medical professional regardless time or place is of course a target. Despite freedom of selection, nowadays it is necessary to develop an architecture based on existing European and International Standards. On the standardization process, four levels have been considered essential: Architecture, terminology, communication and security. Only the first item is standardized at the moment. Standards followed in the development are: pr-ENV 12265 (European pre-Standards of Electronic Health Care Architecture, EHCRA) of 1996 and prENV12967-1 Health Care Information System Architecture, HISA) accepted by the first working group of CEN-TC251.

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