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Institut Guttmann



The Main Role of the Fundacio Institut Guttmann (FIG) is to manage and contribute to the system specifications and then to perform clinical trials according to measurement manual developed.


The Guttmann Institut is a hospital specialised in the comprehensive rehabilitation and medical/surgical treatment of persons suffering from spinal cord injury or from other serious physical disabilities. Founded in Barcelona in 1965, the Guttmann Institut was the first hospital in Spain dedicated to the treatment of paraplegic and tetraplegic patients, that are treated at this centre from a comprehensive perspective, including both medical/surgical and social/psychological aspects. Dr Montserrat Bernabeu Guitart MD Degree: Central university of Barcelona 1988 with first-class mark; Doctorate Courses getting the "Research Adequacy" by Authonomous University of Barcelona 1988 with first-class mark; Specialist Physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation since 1993 Clinical Activity: Staff member in Institut Guttmann Hospital since January 1993
Chief of Child's Rehabilitation Unit in Institut Guttmann Hospital since 1995
Chief of TBI Unit in Institut Guttmann Hospital since 1998.

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