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asl 3 umbria



The main role of the ASL n. 3 Umbria - Unità Organica di Riabilitazione Intensiva Neuromotoria is to manage and contribute to the system specifications and then to perform clinical trials according to measurement manual developed.


The Unità Organica di Riabilitazione Intensiva Neuromotoria is a rehabilitation hospital that started its activity 20 years ago. The Unit is particularly specialized for Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury. Also other neurological disease (Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease etc.) and some orthopedics disease. The hospital is organized in three sections: severe Brain Injury (coma and/or vegetative status), intensive rehabilitation (Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis etc.) and Day Hospital for the person that are at home but still need rehabilitation. Dr Mauro Zampolini Graduation at Medical School of Perugia University cum laude 25 October 1983; Specialization in Neurology at Catholic University in Rome cum laude; From 1989 to 1993 research activity in Neurophysiology; From 1993 work in Rehabilitation Unit of Trevi; From 1998 chief of Brain Injury Unit Rehabilitation of Trevi Hospital; From 2000 chief of rehabilitation unit of Passignano Hospital; Specialization in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Scientific Committee of Multi-centric Italia study in Spinal Cord Injury;Coordinator of Multi-centric Italian Brain Injury study about rehabilitation of Brain Injury; Studies of Brain Injury Spectroscopy; Research about Severe Spasticity.

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