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Pragma Engineering



Pragma is one of the two industrial partners of the project. It is involved in sensor design and testing, in development of the local acquisition system allowing data handling capabilities (database generation, encryption) and communication toward a remote client application (i.e. at the hospital site). It is involved also in the technical organization of the web site of the project.


Pragma Engineering srl is a SME operating in the fields of electronic system design-development and custom software development. Its experience is mainly related to electronic design of analog interface systems for data acquisition and signal processing and to the software for databases with remote access (Intranet applications). Riccardo Magni has achieved Master in Electronic Engineering in University of Pisa. He worked in National research Council of Italy (Special project on Robotics) for research activities about the development and the electronic interfacing of Tactile Array Sensor, he collaborates within the ARTS LAB (Advanced Robotic technology Systems Laboratory) of the Scuola Sup. S. Anna of Pisa about the development of a tactile array sensor layered in an artificial skin, as a part of the KIST project "Centaur". At present he is operating as research and development responsible in Pragma Engineering s.r.l., in Perugia, italy.

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