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Nutrimenta Veterinaria®

Nutrimenta Veterinaria is a web application which permits an extremely easy and rapid way to customize nutritional plans for pets. Nutrimenta Veterinaria supports vets step by step, from the anamnesis to the definition of the personalized nutrition plan and the release of a detailed diet report for pet owners.
Nutrimenta Veterinaria has been designed by vets for vets who wish to increase productivity by providing customers with a top value additional service. One of the key factors in canine and feline health is nutrition. The quality of the ingredients, balance and completeness are priority words for a healthy diet. Nutrimenta Veterinaria is the tool vets need to establish easily and quickly, a specific, trustworthy nutritional plan for dogs and cats.
Nutrimenta Veterinaria has been formulated with senior vets and nutritionists, with years of experience in the field, to design diets based on the most recent scientific studies in this sector.

Main features:

  • Personal data: All information on pets and their owners is fully accessible through intuitive research instruments and logic data set representation.
  • Energy requirements: A reliable algorithm on scientific basis determines an optimal energy need based on metabolic and behavioral data in relation to the condition of the examined pet.
  • Nutritional plans: A simple and intuitive user interface gives the editing of balanced nutritional plans, depending on the optimal needs of the animal. All diets strictly follow the most advanced scientific studies in this field. You can print and send the customized nutritional plan to your customers, with your logo, with a clear description of the diet and information on the steps to follow for simple preparation and storage of the set portion.
  • Ingredients: A customized database with more than 180 fresh ingredients provides you with virtually unlimited possibilities for the preparation of the meal ration. This allows you to satisfy any animal preferences as well as food intolerance.

Please visit Nutrimenta Veterinaria web site for a complete description of all features and information and the relative Facebook Page.