Established in 1994, Signo Motus is a SME representing a bridge between bioengineering and medicine. The application fields embrace robotics, smart materials, assistive technology and ICT. Advanced modelling techniques are applied to provide solutions to all the medical fields.

The company's logo self explains the mission of the Company: to take advantage of research and innovative solutions covering the gap, “in signo motus” (in the name of the movement), between modern bioengineering and its real clinical applications. Precompetitive advantage is achieved through basic and applied research oriented to the aforesaid fields. A multidisciplinary R&D team with several years of experience provides innovative solutions and services.

Signo Motus is an innovative and creative company looking inwardly to innovation and applied research to advance state of the art of the core areas of interest. We consider ideas, talent, people, passion and team welding precious elements to deliver cutting-edge technical solutions that enhance the quality of life of people.

Core Business


To design and to develop information systems for healthcare. The mission is to provide better healthcare at lower costs. In 2009, the HABILIS Europe® initiative has been launched to produce a low-cost/high efficiency concept for tele-rehabilitation in Europe.

Smart Materials

To design and develop innovative devices and subsystems based on such technologies, in particular on Electro Rheological Fluids (ERFs).

Robotics and Automation

To provide advanced robotic solutions, including design, programming, sub-systems assembly, testing and validation of robotics systems prototypes.


Starting from the analysis of customer’s requirements our team is able to deliver complete ICT solutions and services to end-users.



  • Programme: European Defence Agency (EDA) Category B (opt in) ad hoc projects
  • Coordinator: Signo Motus
  • Consortium: 5 partners (3 IT,1 CZ,2 PL,1 LU)


  • Programme: PNRM (Piano Nazionale della Ricerca Militare)
  • Coordinator: Agenzia Industrie Difesa
  • Consortium: 3 partners (IT)

Smart Rehab

  • Programme: POR FESR Sicilia 2014-2020
  • Coordinator: Signo Motus
  • Consortium: 8 partners (IT)


Coronavirus Emergency

Signo Motus, with the Habilis platform , is close to the health personnel of the South East Local Health Authority in Tuscany and in particular to the Rehabilitation and Prevention Department. Habilis Europe supports the enhancement of the tele-rehabilitation service, free of charge. This provides assistance at patient's home for all the health services that cannot be postponed.


Dual use technology in the EU

Signo Motus has been chosen as Case Study by the European Commission for the development of Dual Use technology.